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Press Releases

This page contains the list of official public project deliverables released by the SUPERTWIN Consortium.
To obtain the PDF files please send an email to
28/04/2016 - D5.1 Project Website
19/09/2016 - D1.2 Model experiment for image extraction from g(2) correlations
30/04/2017 - D1.6 Model experiment and algorithm for image extraction from g(3), g(4) and g(5) correlations
05/05/2017 - D6.3 First year project report
11/08/2017 - D4.1 Test sample selection and characterization report
28/02/2018 - D5.3 Preliminary report on project exploitation and impact
29/11/2018 - D2.1 GaN-based solid state sources of entangled VIS photons with 5 photon production rate 1 kHz
30/11/2018 - D5.2 Periodic report on project communication, open data management & dissemination
15/11/2019 - D5.5 List of press releases, scientific papers and conference presentations
19/11/2019 - D2.2 GaAs-based solid state sources of entangled IR photons with 5 photon production rate 1 kHz
22/11/2019 - D4.3 Test and assessment report of SUPERTWIN demonstrator with resolution 42 nm