A.P.E. Research
A.P.E. Research is a SME located in Trieste, Italy, and is present in the European and Asian markets of the instrumentation for nanotechnology. A.P.E. is an European Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) manufacturer active on worldwide markets. The company, established in 1996, is officially recognized as a spin-off from the INFM (Italian National Institute for Condensed Matter Physics).

A.P.E. develops and produces high-resolution probe microscopes (STMs, AFMs, KPFMs, C-AFMs and SNOMs), instrumentation for surface and condensed matter physics and develops new biological analysis methods of investigation based on SPMs.

The role of A.P.E. in SUPERTWIN is focused on testing the technology demonstrator for image reconstruction and sample selection. A.P.E. will be engaged also in defining  the technology roadmap and in the exploitation of results.