III-V Lab is a private R&D organisation jointly established by Alcatel-Lucent and Thales in 2004 under the French “Economic Interest Group” (GIE) status, rejoined by the CEA at the end of 2010. III-V Lab concentrates in a single entity the most advanced industrial research capabilities in the field of III-V semiconductors in Europe. Its staff amounts to approximately 120 persons.

The mission of III-V Lab is to perform research and development on III-V semiconductor components (based on GaAs, InP, GaN compounds), and integration with Si circuits and micro-systems, from basic research to technology transfer for industrialisation, or to small scale and pilot line production.

III-V Lab takes advantage of the commonalities between the technologies developed for different markets addressed by its mother companies, Thales and Nokia, such as telecom, space, defence and security (for example, High bit rate Optical Fibre and Wireless Telecommunications, Microwave and Photonic systems for Defence, Security and Space).

In the SUPERTWIN project, III-V Lab will be mainly involved in WP3 “Solid state source of highly entangled photons” with the development of a super-radiant source emitting at 800nm.

This project has received funding from the European Commission - H2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 686731 (SUPERTWIN project)

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